Stoupakis Distillery Homeric Mastiha 100% Distilled

THE LIQUEUR: Stoupakis Chios Distillery gathers all of the historical goodness of Chios mastic in one superb and rare distillate. Tenderly embracing tradition, Homeric Mastiha Liqueur retains all of the mastics unique traits, unaltered and distilled in the same loving way for over a century.

THE STORY: The Stoupakis story begins in 1896 on the island of Chios, where the one of a kind anise flavored ouzo traveled to all of Chios’ villages and even across the sea, reaching the Asia Minor coast. In 1900, Yannis Stoupakis acquired his first official permit from the Ottoman Empire allowing him to operate his distillery at Dafnonas. Today, those very same copper stills he so carefully tended to are at the company’s state of the art facilities.

MASTIC: Mastic is the hardened, aromatic sap harvested from the mastic tree, a small evergreen shrub that grows on rocky terrain in the southern part of Chios. The islands mastic production is controlled by a co-operative of medieval villages, the Mastichohoria.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: For rare, unforgettable moments of traditional pleasure, try your Homeric Mastiha Liqueur on ice, or in an imaginative cocktail.

CHARACTERISTICS: Unique mastic fragrance and flavor Rich and aromatic bouquet

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