Grape Varieties: 80% Savvatiano  & 20% Rhoditis

Retsina Malamatina is produced from the exclusive Greek grape varieties,
Savatiano and Roditis. The winemaking is carried out by the white winemaking
process, the controlled temperature and choosing exclusively the “foam” of the
must (the prorogos). As a result, the specific characteristics in color, aroma, taste
and quality are achieved. The quality of Retsina Malamatina is also ensured by the
state-of-the-art facilities of its wineries, which operate with the most modern
automated mechanical equipment.
The addition of a small amount of pine resin during brewing gives the characteristic
flavour of retsina, releasing at the same time the fruity aromas of the varieties. If
the beneficial properties of resin, which have been well known since antiquity, are
added to these characteristics, this will result in a unique wine of an absolute
Greek origin.

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