Vassiliou Retsina


OENOLOGIST :George P.Vassiliou.

VARIETY :100% Savatiano.

REGION :Koropi Attica,Greece.

VINEYARD :From our 15 hectares vineyard spread at Koropi area.  100 %  Savatiano

SOIL :Sandy-clay.

CLIMATE :Mild winter,dry summer.

VINTAGE :2nd and 3rd week of September.

VINIFICATION :Hand gathering of grapes. Carried to our winery in small lattices. Pure white vinification. Entirely fermented in stainless-steel tanks with temperature totally controlled (between 18-20  C).The addition of a small quantity of pine-resin to the must during fermentation offers a unique taste.We add 500 gr resin /tonne of must when the alcoholic fermentation begins. The power of the fermentation dissolves the resin and gives this characteristic flavor to the wine.

BOTTLING :In our Winery at Koropi  First bottled in 2000.

TASTING CHARACTERISTICS :A unique dry white wine from the homeland of Retsina.The unique aroma of resin combined with the rich bouquet of  Savatiano grape variety, offers an unforgettable pleasure and distictive taste.

ALC/VOL :12%          SUGAR :2 gr/lt       ACIDITY :4,5 gr/lt

ACCOMPANIES :Greek traditional gastronomy,especialy sea foods, Japanese food

AWARDS : Concours international du vin Thessalonique – Medaille d’argent

Farming Practices: Sustainable, Certified Organic

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