Mitilini, Greece

The GREEK DISTILLATION COMPANY SA or “EVA” is the operative basis of all products mentioned above, identical with the very culture of the island. “EVA” is the abbreviation of the word eviva, the known “cheers”, which indicates the warm movement and the clinking sound of the glasses through which the horizons of human relationships open, the uniqueness of the moment, life itself.

The company which is considered by the locals as one big family and was founded in 1995 making it one more successful attempt to the already established and diverse business achievements by the Patrikopoulos Brothers. The grandfather of the founders originated from Pergamon in Asia Minor, leaving to the next generations a great heritage, distillation secrets, passion and traditional ouzo recipes. The establishment of “EVA” followed the hitherto 26 year entrepreneurial activity in the food and drinks sector.

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