Eva Distillery Mastic Tears – Dry

Pistacia lentiscus var. Chia is a shrub, evergreen from 2 to 3 m high, with a strong smell of resin, growing in dry and rocky areas in Mediterranean Europe.
The resin, also known as mastic, is harvested from the cultivated mastic trees grown in the south of the Greek island of Chios in the Aegean Sea, where it is also known by the name “Chios tears” or “Mastic Tear”. The resin is collected by bleeding the trees from small cuts made in the bark and allowing the sap to drip onto the specially prepared ground below. These drops on the trunk resemble tears and this is why it is called Mastic Tears.

Dry with elegant but bold aromatic character, due
to the mastic distillate, Mastic Tears Dry is ideal for cocktails for mind blowing combinations. Enjoy it also neat, well chilled, as an after dinner digestive.

Production Method
Mastic Tears Dry starts by distilling 96 percent alcohol by volume (ABV) pure ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin (grains) in copper stills along with Mastiha tears (resin) that give the distinct taste of our Mastic Tears Dry. The distillate that is collected after the process is 80% vol. This Mastic distillate is a flavoured alcoholic solution which then is mixed with 96 percent pure ethyl alcohol, and finally sugar is added. The mix is then diluted with softened water at 30 % ABV. The final ABV is 30%.


Tech Sheet
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