Tsililis Dark Cave 5-years-old Aged Tsipouro

Classification: Tsipouro with Meteora Geographical Indication (Grape Pomace Brandy)

Country of origin: Greece

Grape variety: 85% Muscat of Hamburg (aromatic reddish grape variety cultivated in Thessaly, Central Greece, 15% Roditis (Greek aromatic white grape variety), 5% other.

Alcohol content: 41% ALC./VOL.


Hand harvest, destemming and crushing of grapes.

Pneumatic pressing and separation of free-run juice from grape pomace

Alcoholic fermentation of grape marc in in-ox tanks under temperature controlled conditions (tmax=20oC).

Fully fermented grape marc is kept in airtight and chilled conditions in in-ox tanks until distillation.

Distillation process
The distillation of grape marc is a discontinuous process and takes place in small (100kg) copper-inox  alembics with fractional column.
Each batch full-distillation cycle starts with the filling of the alembic with 100kg of grape marc and after a 5-hour, 9-times distillation its results 100L of “Heart” distillate of 74%alc./vol. on average. “Heads” and “Tails” are separated and eliminated.

Aging process

The heart of distillate is aged in French and American oak cask, of max. 500L volume, for at least 5 years (5-12 years of aging). Some of the oak casks and brand-new, some have been used for red wine aging and some have been used for Vinsanto (sweet Santorinian wine) aging.

After aging, distillates are carefully blended and diluted with purified water to 41% alc./vol.

Spirit ages once again for 6-12 months to mellow down before bottling.

Tasting notes:
Color: bright dark amber
Nose: intense fruity aromas of dried fruits such as raisins, prunes and bergamot peels, spicy aromas like vanilla, chocolate and nutmeg combined with a robust but supple body, a smooth finish and a fine aromatic aftertaste.
Palate: robust but supple body, spicy and fruity flavors and a complex aromatic aftertaste.

Pairings: Enjoy it neat or with a single ice cube. Perfectly mixed in luxurious cocktails.

Serving temperature: 8-16oC

Cellar potential: 50 years

Producer: TSILILIS K. S.A. Winery-Distillery
TSILILIS K. S.A. is a Winery-Distillery founded in 1989 and situated at Meteora, Trikala in Central Greece.  With an organically cultivated vineyard of 20 hectares around Meteora and prehistoric Theopetra Cave, in the Meteora PGI appellation, we produce high quality Greek viniviticultural products, still & sparkling wines and grape distillates, highlighting old regional grape varieties with respect to the natural environment and the consumer.

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