56 Isles Pilsner Beer

THE BEER: Produced on the island of Paros, in the heart of the “56 Isles” of the Cyclades. The use of barley grown on the island gives a special flavor to the beer due to the microclimate of the area. The saltiness of the sea, the radiant sunshine and the quality of the raw materials used add to the flavor, highlighting the specific taste chaaracteristics whilst the use of quality hop varieties from selected countries and malt with highly aromatic and tasty character reveal the individual components of the recipe.

THE BREWERY: The Paros brewery is a thoroughly modern microbrewery that combines traditional brewing techniques and craftmanship with high tech production and safety standards. Born of an idea one cold afternoon in London, the brewery is located on the sunny island of Paros, among the 55 other islands of the Greek Cyclades. Here, the brewery creates products cherished by locals, loved by visitors and ever growing in popularity.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Tastes great chilled on a warm day at the beach or your favorite watering hole.

TASTING CHARACTERISTICS: Light blonde rich beer with foam Infused with the breezy flavors of Parian barley, grown on the sunny shores of the Aegean Sea

pH: 4.20


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