Grace Gin

ABOUT & PROCESS: Grace Gin is a unique handcrafted distilled gin. It is the result of the shared vision between three women, two second generation distillers and a spirited woman with extensive knowledge and experience in the drinks industry. The uniqueness of the product lies in its rich, aromatic character that comes from the botanicals used, a selection from Greek nature’s land and sea. The hand crafted aspect emphasizes the process of the ingredients’ selection and how the distiller blends them in order to achieve the recipe used, to flavor the neutral grain spirit. The Three Graces have researched and experimented with recipes for more than a year to decide on the 13 different botanics and the extraction processes to be used. They begin with continuous distillation to flavor the base spirit with 8 botanicals: Juniper berries, angelica root, orris, lemon and orange peels, cardamom, coriander and cassia bark. From this, the heart of the first distillate is collected and re-distilled with the remaining botanicals and with extra juniper. At this stage, a vapor infused method is applied to extract the essential oils of some of the botanicals (a technique used in the luxury perfume industry). Again, the heart is collected and is lightly filtered. Each batch rests for 15 days to ensure a smoother flavor balance.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Best served with a chilled tonic or within a refreshing cocktail.

Oily and robust palate with strong aromas of juniper and critamos
Secondary aromas of coriander, pink pepper and cassia bark
Underlying earthy elements and intense freshness



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