Kretaraki Meli

Kretaraki Meli is what is lovingly known on the island of Crete as “Rakomelo”.


Kretaraki Meli is made from the Cretan base spirit, Tsikoudia.  In order to produce Kretaraki Meli, water is added to the base spirit in order to bring the alcohol content to 25%.  At that point, local honey is added followed by a blend of local spices and caramel.  The liqueur is then left to rest for approximately 10 days in order for the flavors to meld.  Once the resting period is finished, the product is bottled unfiltered.

Kretaraki Meli is a product made with natural local honey.  Once opened, store in a cool and dark place in order to preserve the delicate aromatics of the product.  Serve well chilled as an aperitif or as an addition to a cocktail.

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