Karavitakis Klima White

Winery: Karavitakis
Winery Vintage : 2013
Wine Type: Dry White
Grape Varieties : 100% Vidiano
Region : Crete selected blocks
Altitude : 290 meters
Climate : A bit lower temperatures compared to the classic mediterranean climate, adequate rainfall during winter, warm summer and the presence of sea breeze which cools the vineyards during summer days
Soil Type: Limestone mostly. Parts with clay presence. Inclined fields
Vines Per Ha : 3500
Harvest 10/9/2012
Vinification : Early morning hand harvest and grape sorting. Cooling down grapes in refrigerators. Destemming . Pneumatic press follows and pressing in low temeratures. Vinification with selected yiest at 16 – 17 C in stainless steel Tanks. In contact for 2 months with its lees
Barrel used : No barrel use
Bottles Produced : 5000 bottles per year
Tasting Notes : Vidiano variety when vinified carefully offers Peach and appricot aromas well knitted with layers of fresh herbs and subtle minerality.
Serving suggestions : 9 – 11 C


Wine category : Dry
Alcohol perecentage : 13
Total Acidity : 6,6 gr/l
Residual Sugar : 1,7 gr/l
Total Sulphur Acid : 140 mg/l
Free Sulphur Acid : 25 mg/l
Bottle Type : Europea / bordeaux type
Cork Type : Nomacorc 43mm
Bottles Per Case : 6

Farming Practices: Sustainable

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