Karavitakis Klima White

Klima White,is a wine which was inspired when tasting wines from different vine- yards showed us that Vidia- no variety can be quite diverse but at the same time retain character. So this is a blend of Vidiano grapes sourcing from 3 different vineyards. The main site, 55% , is a vineyard found at 330m, north facing on lime- stone. Elegance and pure varietal expression full of stonefruit is typical for this block. 20% is sourced from a low altitude vineyard on calcium clay soil. Opulent and more fruit driven with rich structure. The last 25% comes from 630m, a vine- yard planted on a slate field. Never extremelly ripe, more wild, tense and energetic, helps us preserve acidity, balance alcohol but mainly adding a herbal note together with some salinity – minerality.

About the vintage:2022 was one of the challenging ones. Winter started beautifully with an amazing amount of rain for Cretan standards. Budding was slightly delayed but this was just about 10 days. Heat was adequeate and vines faced a beuatiful season.. Late july was a bit rainy and some issues occured , but quick leaves removal and some labor intensive days helped us skip the problem. A lot of work requirements in the winery and also
plenty of care for the vineyards. In general this vintage stressed our vineyard and winery team a lot in order to produce wines in our territory of standards and overcome weather difficulties.

Nikos Karavitakis Winemaker Notes:In this vintage i wanted to showcase a different side of this variety. Being the introductory Vidiano in our Portfolio changes have to be very elegant. We introduced fermentation in porcelain Amphoras and Slavonian 500 liter Barrels along with stainless steel tanks. Porcelain enhanced fruit and minerality
along with some spice aspects and oak introduced sweet nuances and depth in flavor. Final percentages were: 7.5 % porcelain Amphoras, 8% oak 84.5% Stainless Steel. The result is amazing.

CASES: 2,500
ALC: 13.0%
R.S: 1.8 g/l
ACIDITY: 6.6 g/l
SOIL: Limestone, schist, calcium clay.
BARRELS: Slavonian & Hungarian.

Farming Practices: Sustainable

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