Karavitakis Kompsos Rose

Kompsos means elegant in Greek. And all about this Rose wine is elegance. It is produced from 100% Liatiko grapes, one of the most promissing red grape varieties of the island of Crete. As a variety it has
light red color so a pale Rose is the obvious result. The grapes are originating from old vines of Liatiko in various vineyards ageing more than 28 years old. Quite limited yields lead to a very tasty rose wine, with just a few hours of skin contact with the skins of the grapes during prefermantation period to preserve the lovely light rose color and necessary fruit.

About the vintage : 2021 was one of the tough ones. Winter started beautifully with an amazing amount of rain for Cretan standards. Budding was slightly delayed but this was just about 10 days. Heat though started quite soon. The vines rushed a bit and then slowed down again due to cool June days. Late july was very warm so harvesting started in some vineyards a bit early. This required a lot of work in the winery and also plenty of care for the vineyards. In general this vintage stressed our vineyard and winery team a lot in order to produce wines in our territory of standards and overcome weather difficulties.

Nikos Karavitakis Winemaker Notes: : Kompsos Rose is a product resulting years of experimentation with various vineyard blocks. The age of the vines and wine making style makes this a very gastronomic rose, with pale color, lush fruity nose with hints of red cherries, tea, light caramel and vanilla. When tasted you feel the rich flavor which is well knitted with linguering acidity and long lasting playfull aftertaste.

CASES : 800
ALC : 12.5%
R.S : 1.7 g/l
ACIDITY : 5.5 g/l
SOIL : Limestone, schist, calcium clay.

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