Anatolikos POLLIOS Oinos

Grape Varieties: Mavroudi Thrace 50%, Assyrtiko 40%, 10% Moschato

Location of vineyard: Avdira, Xanthi, Thrace, Greece

Vineyard: Organic, privately owned with production of 400-500 kilos per acre.

Soils: Sandy hills with a loose, rocky granite subsoil 5 kilometers from the sea at an altitude 50-70m above sea level.

Climate: Mediterranean with East winds, warm winds and day to night temperature difference 13-15C

Harvest: By hand in small wooden baskets

Vinification technique: Once harvested, the grapes are sun-dried for 15 to 17 days.  Once optimal sugar levels are reached, a long fermentation in amphora begins and lasts for 100-120 days with only the naturally occurring yeasts.  Once fermentation is complete, the wine is then transferred and matured for 36-42 months in small barrels without the addition of any sulfites. The wine is then bottled unfiltered with no further treatment. 1500 500ml bottles produced.

Alcohol level & characteristics: Alcohol: 14 % ABV, Acidity: 5.3 g/l, Sulfur: 34 mg/l, Residual Sugars 1.5 g/l, PH: 3.45

Description: Deep amber/black in color on the rim with a deep ruby core.  Intense aromas of earth, mineral, raisin, dried fruit, figs, plum, cherry, honey, sweet walnut, carob, tobacco and spices cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and cedar . Full bodied with balanced sweetness, structure and acidity followed by a lengthy finish.

Serving suggestions: Strong cheese, foe grass and dried fruit desserts with chocolate. Enjoy it at 10C.

Pollois Oinos  is certified organic by BIO Hellas and contains only naturally occurring sulfites

Farming Practices:  Sustainable, Natural
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