Mercouri Estate Chortais

Varietal composition: 55% Mavrodaphne , 45% Korinthiaki (Corinth Currant)

Place of production: Mercouri Estate’s vineyards on the western coast of the Peloponnese, near Ancient Olympia, and selected currant vineyard on the highlands of Vostizza

Method of production: First the grapes are harvested and left to semi-sun-dry. Then, they are fermented and, at the right time, fermentation is stopped with refrigeration. 5 years cask maturing, controlled oxidation and bottle ageing make the wine’s character.

2008 production: 1,900 bottles

Color: Bright red with hints of ageing

Aromas: Nose full of caramel and chocolate with rich velvety flavor. Harmonic and firmly structured with fine tannins.

Goes well with: Fruits, dried or not, blue cheese (Roquefort etc.) chocolate cakes and as a pure dessert wine

Chemical analysis:
Alcohol content : 15.0 % vol.
pH: 3.70
Total acidity: 7.2 g/l
Residual sugar: 128 g/l

Ageing potential: Over 15 years

Certified from: NSF

Recent distinctions:
• I.W.C. MUNDUS VINI, Germany “Chortais” 2007: Silver
• I.W.C. MUNDUS VINI, Germany “Chortais” 2006: Silver
• I.W.C. MUNDUS VINI, Germany “Chortais” 2005: Gold

Packing: 500 ml bottles

Vineyard Characheristics:
Location: Mercouri Estate’s proprietary vineyards
Elevation: 30 – 40m
Soil Type: Sandy clayous with limstone rocky formations
Age of Wines: 25 – 30 years

Label Barcode: 5203883000418

Farming Practices: Sustainable

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