Semeli Mountain Sun White

Oenologist: Leonidas Nassiakos

Grape Varieties: Moschofilero 80% and Sauvignon Blanc 20%

Vineyard: From Peloponnese, two of the finest grape varieties, Moschofilero and Sauvignon Blanc, grown in high altitude vineyards on the Mantinia plateau and on the slopes of the Aigialia mountains respectively.

Soil: Sand and clay

Yield: 60 hl/ha

Microclimate: Harsh winters and cool summer nights, due to high altitude, allow grapes to ripen slowly reaching perfect maturation, retaining acidity and fully developing the distinctive flavours and aromas of both varieties.

Harvest: Moschofilero 1 st October to 7th October and Sauvignon blanc 17th August to 22nd August

Vinification: Grapes are handpicked and transported in small baskets, they are then chilled to 7-8o C in cold storage, followed by pneumatic press and classic white vinification. Fermentation at controlled temperatures of 16-17o C. Care is taken to ensure gentle handling of grapes.

Average Production: 286.000 bottles
First produced: 2003
Alcohol: 12.3% vol
Density: 0.9905
Acidity: 6.4 g/l expressed as tartaric acid
PH: 3.15
Residual sugar: 2.9 g/l
Tasting notes: Pale and bright yellow-green colour, with grey highlights. Intense and ripe on the nose, with elegant aromas of rose and lemon blossom from Moschofilero as well as citrus and exotic fruits in the foreground from Sauvignon Blanc. Dry on the palate, well balanced with crisp acidity, medium in body and full of minerality.
Serving suggestions: Accompanies shellfish, fish, pasta with seafood, sushi and sashimi, poultry and white meat.
Serve at: 9-10 o C

Vineyard Characheristics
Elevation: 600-650m ALTITUDE
Age of wines: FIRST PRODUCED 2003
Label Barcode: 5201299505411

Farming Practices:  Sustainable
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