Selina Mavrodaphne of Patras

Grape Varieties:  80% Mavrodaphne   20% Corinthiaki

Type: Naturally sweet red wine

Location of vineyards:  PDO region of Patras, which lies in the northern-central sub-mountainous zones of Achaia district, northern Peloponnese.  300-500m above sea level.

Upon harvest, the grapes placed on mats and sundried 7 – 10 days before fermentation. The juice is then fortified and aged in 1k liter barrels for 18 months.  Bottled and left to rest for 6 additional months before release.  Harvested late September between 24 – 28 brix.

Alcohol level & characteristics:
Alcohol: 12.5 % ABV, Acidity: 4.7g/l

Description:  Ruby red terracotta with purple hue.  Aromatic notes of dried plum, fig, and raisins, mint, cocoa and jam.

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