Tsililis Grape Distillate Hamburg Muscat

Classification: Mono-varietal Grape Distillate (Grape Pomace Brandy)

Country of origin: Greece

Grape variety: 100% Muscat of Hamburg (aromatic reddish grape variety cultivated in Thessaly, Central Greece)

Alcohol content: 41% ALC./VOL.

Hand harvest, destemming and crushing of Muscat of Hamburg grapes.
No separation of free-run juice from grape pomace
Alcoholic fermentation of grape marc and must in in-ox tanks under temperature controlled conditions (tmax=20oC).
Fully fermented grape marc is kept in airtight and chilled conditions in in-ox tanks until distillation.

Distillation process
The distillation of grape marc of Muscat of Hamburg is a discontinuous process and takes place in small (100kg) copper-inox alembics with fractional column.
Each batch full-distillation cycle starts with the filling of the alembic with 100kg of grape marc and after a 5-hour, 9-times distillation its results 100L of “Heart” distillate of 74%alc./vol. on average. “Heads” and “Tails” are separated and eliminated.
Distillate is diluting down to 41%alc./vol. wih purified water and it ages in in-ox tanks for 3 months to mellow down.
Final filtration and bottling of Grape Marc Brandy in glass bottles

Tasting notes:
Color: bright water-white
Nose: intense fruity aromas of citrus fruits like bergamot, kernel fruits like apricot floral notes of roses.
Palate: smooth, supple and aromatic with long rosy finish.
Pairings: Enjoy it neat with finger food and Greek meze or mixed in inspired cocktails.
Serving temperature: 6-12oC
Cellar potential: 50 years

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