Anatolikos Natural Orange Wine

Grape Varieties: Assyrtiko 80%, Malagouzia 20%

Location of vineyard: Avdira, Xanthi, Thrace, Greece

Vineyard: Organic, privately owned with production of 400-500 kilos per acre.

Soils: Sandy hills with granite subsoil with 5 kilometers from the sea at an altitude of 50-70m above sea level.

Climate: Mediterranean with East winds, warm winds and day to night temperature difference 13-15C

Harvest: By hand in small baskets

Vinification technique:  Long fermentation in clay amphora with grape skin. Only native yeast is used for fermentation.  The wine is left to settle and age in amphora with the grape skins for 270 days without sulfur. There is no additional treatment and it is not filtered.  1200 bottles produced.

Alcohol level & characteristics: 14.3 % ABV, Acidity: 6.2 g/l, Sulfur:  43 mg/l, Sugar:3  g/l,  PH: 3.26, Volatile Acidity: 0.43

Description: Orange/amber color with earthy and complex aromas of nuts and roasted almonds, dried fruits, citrus jams, acacia honey, tea and spices. Soft tannins with balanced acidity, complex and lingering finish.

Serving suggestions: Try it with seafood, raw shells, sushi, smoked fish, roe, fatty fish, red meats, lamb, sweet, hunting, wild mushrooms, truffles, cheeses and cured meats and flavorful and complex foods. Enjoy it at 12-14C.  Decanting is recommended.

Natural Orange Wine is certified organic by BIO Hellas and contains only naturally occurring sulfites

Farming Practices:  Sustainable, Natural
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