Vassiliou/Nemeion Hgemon


CONSULTANT :   Thanasis  Fakorellis

WINEMAKER : Konstantina  Gkika

GRAPE VARIETY : Agiorgitiko


VINEYARDS : The biological culture vineyards of Koutsi,Petri and Karfoxilia are certified from a biological organization and they are found in an altitude between 400 and 600 meters, where are produced the better qualitative potential of Nemea.

VINIFICATION:    The vintage begins each year delayed at ten days (roughly the end of October) and the grapes are transported in specifically boxes and placed in a big film of 10 roughly meters.

There become with the hand, the cutting off the brunch from the grape and the screening.

Then special vagonetes capacities of 600 kilos each, transport the grapes in the winery. The orifice of which it is found in the first level in entire of the winery do not exist neither cables neither pipes but all function with the low of gravity.

As soon as is supplemented the quantity of each inox tank (80 hectoliters) becomes immediately bloodletting of quantity the 20% which is transported in an other inox tank. After that, the process of refrigeration follows at 10 C for ten days in order to have all the perfumes of flowers.

Then is caused the beginning of fermentation with the increase of temperature from the 10 to 25 degrees, with the help of yeasts that by their nature is contained in the grape.

The second day from the beginning of fermentation, begins the process ‘pigase’ (hat), that 3 times the day, in the tank, a person ‘steps’ the hard sub layer of grapes that is created with the fermentation.

This process lasts about 15 days, as long as the fermentation takes place and the grapes remain in the tank for one month in order the withholding of tannins encourages the wine to be matured for a lot of years.

After that, the wine transferred in new French oak barrels where the ‘malolactic’ fermentation becomes, something that contains an important risk but contributes decisively in the production of ‘big’ wines. And the ‘Nemeion Estate’ offers only big wines that matured for ages in the barrel and in the bottle, without no absolutely compromise in subjects that concern the quality.

The very expensive barrels of the winery (Seguin Moreau and Berthomieu, type Ermitage), are ideal for the ‘HGEMON’ to be matured for two years and remains in the bottle for two years as well in order to be a ‘big’ Nemea Grande Reserve.

BOTTLING : At the winery in Nemea


CHARACTERISTICS: Bright, dark ruby colour with violet highlights.

Complex bouquets reminiscent of cherry liqueur with prune and pepper notes. Forthcoming, supple, round and balanced with hints of vanilla, oak, mocha and butterscotch.

ALCOHOL :  14% Vol,              RESIDUAL  SUGAR : 1gr/lt

Total Acidity : 5gr/lt                 UNFILTERED

FOOD PAIRING :  Anything with intense flavours and rich αromatic character, red meats, scalp hunting, spicy hard cheeses, and gently chocolate or deer with sauce of chocolate.

CERTIFICATE  DE GUARANTEE : It can be aged up to 25 years in ideal conservation and aging conditions     (15 ° C, humidity 70 % – 80 % , clean and quiet environment , nonexistent as minimal lighting).


  • Concours Mondial Bruxelles 2007  – Gold  Medal
  • Les Citadelles Du Vin 2007           – Gold  Medal
  • Ιnt’l Competition of wine Thessalonica 2008 – Gold Medal
  • 3rd Competition of wine from grapes of biological agriculture (D.I.O)  2008-  Gold Medal
  • Concours mondial de Bruxelles 2008– Silver Medal
  • Vinalies International 2008 –  Silver Medal
  • Challenge Int’l du Vin 2008-  Silver Medal
  • Decanter Awards  2008-  Silver Medal
  • Int’l Competition of wine Thessalonica 2009-  Silver Medal
  • Challenge Int’l du Vin 2010 – Gold Medal
  • Deacanter World Wine Awards 2010- Silver Medal
  • Int’l Wine Challenge 2010 – Greek Red Trophy
  • Int’l Wine Challenge  2011- Bronze Medal
  • Int’l Competition of wine Thessalonica 2012- Gold  Medal
  • Int’l Competition of wine Thessalonica 2013- Gold Medal
  • Int’l Competition of wine Thessalonica 2014 – Gold Medal
  • Wine Advocate – Robert Parker’s rating, Dec. 2015, 90 points

Farming Practices: Sustainable, Certified Organic

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