REGION, Greece

Oinea has its roots in Passion. Passion for the good, the beautiful and the conscious. This wants to give voice to an area with an incredible vocation for the cultivation of vines. North Greece, Makedonia, a rural and semi mountainous place. A land that is still almost untouched, away from the frenzy of modern society. We are in Amyndeon, a small town 650 meters above sea level protected to the north by a mountain range full of conifers, lime trees and chestnuts, where nature still dictates the rhythm of the days, the light has a forgotten clarity, the sky is boundless and the wind takes the breath of the earth. Falling in love with this corner of the world was natural and an obvious consequence of deepening the potential of this wine-growing terroir. The land is composed mostly of limestone, calcareous sands and chalky stones; continental climate with sunny summers but with significant temperature variations between day and night and snowy winters that guarantee water reserves; the presence of two lakes that acts as thermoregulator and the presence of noble native vines that smell of ancestral traditions makes it a magical place for those among us who love real, authentic wine. The management of the vineyards is in a biodynamic regime and in the cellar spontaneous fermentations and non-interventionism are the masters.

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